Welcome to our two facilities servicing the Town of Hermon, Corinth and the surrounding regions

You no longer need to travel far to reach your therapist. Our Hermon Clinic is conveniently located on Rt. 2 across from The Morgan Hill Event Center.   We test for FCE and JPA at this site.  Our Corinth Clinic is located on Route 15 before the US Post Office. Our outpatient clinics offer Physical and Occupational services to all age ranges. 


Mobile Outpatient Therapy


Mobile outpatient therapy services at the home, gym, office, or school setting.

Typically home services are provided very temporarily by home health agencies and these require patients to be homebound.   This is particularly difficult as a therapist because we want our patients to get better and get out into their communities.  Since our services are considered outpatient we can choose to treat anywhere without patients needing to be homebound.  We can see patients in their home, at their local gym, work place, school, or whatever best suits their schedule and need.  We have mobile equipment which allows us to perform almost all outpatient clinic treatments at home.  This allows us to see patients in their utmost functional setting, or even treat an athlete before or after a game or practice. 


Aquatic Therapy


Available at a variety of locations and pool temperatures.

We offer aquatic therapy to our patients at local pools. Water has great properties that allow for support, resistance, and assistance in a three dimensional workout making it the most functional therapy available.  It also allows us to gain the same goals that we were looking for on land, but with less potential pain and swelling.  We offer a wellness program that allows for a session with the PT to set up a program which results in a personalized program for patients to follow.  The patient can then meet with the therapist in 4-6 weeks for progression of the program.


Health & Wellness Classes


Often times, the best type of physical therapy is the kind you don’t have to endure.

Our health and wellness classes provide our clients with helpful tips and tricks to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle – whether it be in athletics, old age, or in any phase of life.


Professional development & Community Outreach


We currently participate with Husson University in their Doctorate of Physical Therapy student education experience.

Twice a year we have students come to our practice and participate in hands on training of what they have learned so far with the supervision of one of our experienced therapists.  We feel this support to our students is a very important part in developing well rounded students with compassion, "good hands", and a sense of community.   For perspective therapy students we encourage and welcome shadowing a therapist for the day. 


Functional Capacity & Job Placement Assessments


We employ a battery of tests that helps patients and referring providers/employers know the safe work level of an individual.  

This can help establish physical limits for the patient, as well as whether or not it’s safe for them to begin or resume work.   In addition, these tests can be used to help employers and providers complete disability paperwork.  Our PTs provide expert objective testing, not just subjective reporting which can be very difficult to qualify and measure when dealing with workplace injury and rehabilitation.